Sunday, May 15, 2011

El Torito's April 29, 2011 Pre Reunion Mixer

Now you might ask, what do two wiener dogs have to do with the Marina mixer.  Well, they're my inspiration, lap warmers and guard dogs.  They may look relaxed and lazy in this picture but they're acute killing machines disguised as lap dogs.  They're weapons of choice?  They're tongues.  Yep, these little beauties can't hold their lickers and will kiss you to death.  LOL!

So with dogs in place, oldies music streaming through the computer from my favorite site I'm ready to load some pictures.
I'm not really going to say much about the pictures.  I think you're just here to browse so I'll try and keep quiet.  
It was nice to see some attendees from other years at the mixer.

This can't be Doug's sister.  If it were she'd have a waxed mustache.  Oh yeah, women use wax differently for their upper lip.  LOL!

Ellen is from the class of 1973.  It was wonderful meeting her.  She made it to the actual reunion the following evening.

Howard is from the class of 1970.  You know, an older guy.  Hahahahaha!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I tried to enlarge them for easier viewing.  I just wish I had talked less at the mixer and taken more pictures.

I'll start to slowly post the pictures I'd taken at the reunion.  If you find my putting names on the pictures distracting, please let me know.  I thought it would make it easier for identity purposes but it might be irritating.  I'd like some opinions on the subject.

Thanks for visiting.....Patti

Saturday, April 23, 2011


If anyone has a copy of Manor Memories, would you please email it to me?

If not, how about making a new one with the memories that are stuck in your head.  Shoot those to me too and if we get enough of them, we'll compile a list.

If you have any memorabilia you'd like to bring to the reunion, please do so.  We'll have a table where it can be displayed.

Finally, this is just a suggestion since I'm going to be asking you to send pictures to Larry and I after the reunion.  Please keep in mind most people won't know who the person in the picture is.  Long shots are nice but I made large name tags so if you take pictures close enough to include their identity, it'll mean much more to the reader.

Patti Brown-Ward

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Down to the Wire!

Okie dokie classmates.  We're down to the wire.  If you've been procrastinating about sending in your money for the reunion, now is the time to do it.  We're in the final stage of the shindig and I'll be making tickets for the food choices and name tags next weekend.

So if you want to come, you're welcome but have to get off your tushie and shoot me your money, guest name and dinner

If you have any questions send them to


Patricia Brown-Ward

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Linda Bueno....

I saw Linda Bueno this past weekend.  Even though my sister is married to her brother, I see her once in a blue moon.  I couldn't even guess what year I last saw her.  Unfortunately, she won't be able to make the reunion because she'll be having surgery about that time.

It was wonderful seeing her.  She hasn't changed much over the years.  If you passed her on the street, you'd immediately recognize her.  Some people are like that.  As for me, I look in the mirror and my mom and dad are staring back at me.  At times it can be disconcerting.  I guess because I can't turn back the clock, I'd better get used to looking at that old geezer in the mirror.  LOL!

I sometimes screw with my husband by pulling the skin on my face back and saying, "See....look how much younger I am!"  He just shakes his head and says, "If you got surgery, I wouldn't recognize you.  I love you the way you are."   That's either a sign of still loving me after 42 years or proof he really does need his eyes checked again. 

I figure when the reunion comes, my lack of height will be a plus for me.  Because I'm on the short side, I have to look up to a lot of people when I talk to them.  That's a plus because it puts the light more even on my face highlighting the wrinkles less.  When I talk to Grant K. he's so darn tall, I probably look like a young girl again.  If I don't, he's kind enough to let me believe that.  Thanks Grant!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grady Randleman!

I talked to Grady this past weekend. What a hoot he is.  I haven't seen him since graduation and I can tell you, it was wonderful talking to him.  

For those of you on the fence about coming to the reunion, all I can say is you'll miss so much.  When I talk to people on the phone like Grady, Bob Blackwood, Patti Garguillo, Dale Swafford, Doug etc. I've got to say, it's like I talked to them yesterday and 40 years have not flown by.  It's just darn fun!

I have my regrets too.  You know like, I'll never get to talk to Dave Schweska, Cindy Young, Don Dale, etc.  That's where reunions come in.  You don't have the, "I wonder if...." about the past because you've crossed those bridges.

For me my real wants for this reunion are Mike Ebel, Michelle Betts, Corinne Jannson and Rosanna Mestas but so far they're MIA.

What are your wants?????


Friday, March 25, 2011

Reunion List.....

My mother passed away last night.  She was in her 80's and lived a nice long life.  Best of all, dad passed away 1 1/2 years ago, so they had a very long marriage with only a short span where they weren't both on this earth together. 

I swear it was only yesterday I was going to Dayton, Washington Manor Jr. High and Marina.  I only mention mom's passing in hopes you'll realize how fast time goes by.  If you're fortunate enough to have children and grandchildren, look at how quickly they've grown.

We have an opportunity to take a day or two and relive our youth with the upcoming reunion.  I know the economy stinks and times are hard but tomorrow is never guaranteed to any of us.  Find the time and money to come to the reunion and let us make you smile or make others smile and laugh at our awkward youth.

If you really want to come but finances are holding you back, please let me know and we'll see if we can find some help with paying for your meal.  I can't guarantee it but I'll do my absolute darndest to make sure you're able to attend.  No, it's not a handout, just a favor that in good times in the future, you may be able to pass on to someone who will then be experiencing what you're experiencing now.

Here's a list I've compiled of the R.S.V.P.'s so far:


Ahrens, David - Chicken/Beef
Avila, Mike - Chicken
Bacigalupi, Doug - Chicken
Balentine, Roy & Louise - Chicken
Barmettler, John - Chicken
Bisbiglia, Paul & Patti Lessard - Beef/Vegetarian
Black, Jeff - Beef
Black, Bill - Beef
Blackburn, Paul & Elena - Chicken/Beef
Blackwood, Bob & Patti Garguillo - Chicken/Beef
Bordenave, Joanne & Sal Attinello - Chicken/Beef
Bradley, Karen - Beef
Brion, Larry - Beef
Brown, Patricia - Chicken
Carter, Sandra - Chicken
Carvalho, Liz & Ted Swenson - Chicken/Beef
Codde, Richard - Chicken
Coria, Arleen - Chicken
Crua, Donna - Chicken
Dutra, Steve - Chicken
Fuller, Cindy - Chicken
Fyfe, John & Terry - Chicken/Beef
Godkin, Nancy - Chicken
Govednik, Monica - Beef
Hansen, Ralph - Beef
Heath, Charles - Beef
Hess, Paul - Beef
Hickox, Holly - Beef
Hill, Dave & Karen - Beef
Houghtelling, Dennis & Brenda - Chicken
Howe, Nancy - Chicken
Hughes, Dave & Sharon - Chicken/Beef
Kerr, Rich & Cathryn - Chicken/Beef
Knupfer, Grant - Beef
Kremer, Barbara - Beef
Kruse, Robin & Craig Resare - Beef
Lange, George & Kathy - Chicken/Beef
Lazaro, Rick - Chicken
Lee, Roger - Chicken
Levy, Marla - Chicken
Markovich, Mike - Chicken
Marks, Gary - Chicken
Martinelli, Larry & Donna - Chicken/Beef
Matthews, Mark - Beef
Moreira, Nancy & Joe - Chicken/Beef
Morr, Kathy - Chicken
Munoz, Kathy - Beef
Nichols, Jim & Kathy - Chicken/Beef
Osternig, Steve - Beef
Otterstetter, George - Beef
Otteson, Jeri - Chicken
Quan, Ricki - Chicken
Quinones, Teresa & Kevin Moore - Chicken/Beef
Randleman, Grady & Guest - Chicken/Beef
Rasore, Nadine & Tom Lopes - Beef
Reason, Dave - Beef
Records, Jim & Guest - Beef
Reichhold, Gret & Clarice Johnston - Beef
Rietzke, Nancy - Chicken
Rothachar, Toni - Chicken
Sawyer-Brown, Sue (Flower) - Beef
Seeyle, Charlene - Chicken
Sevigny, Sharon & Larry Mace - Chicken/Beef
Skelly, Judy & Ray Eisert - Chicken/Beef
Souza, Debbie & Gary Babb - Beef
Swafford, Dale - Beef
Tavare, Pat - Beef
Tavare, Russ & Cindy - Chicken/Beef
Vigars, Ginny & John Dedrick - Beef
Villagran, Steve - Beef
Ward, Craig & Jody - Beef
Yunker, Nancy - Chicken


Holmgran, Ellen - Chicken
Kadis, Howard & Cynthia Mulligan - Chicken/Beef
Rollino, Mary (1972) - Chicken
Lenora the D.J. - Chicken

Almedia, John
Camara, Ruth
Carillo, Suzanne
Chiafala, Joanne
Dale, Don
DeClercq, Mike
Drury, Rick
Durkin, Kevin
Frye, Jon
Halpin, Gary
Leibee, Laurie
Leonardini, Annette
Lynn, John
Maloney, Gerry
Peters, John
Pope, Steve
Reis, Tony
Risden, Roxie
Schweska, Dave
Silva, Wayne
Valez, Daniel
Weismann, Debbie
Young, Cindy

Feel free to leave a comment on this blog.  Please keep it respectful and in good taste.  This is a site to make you feel good about yourself and your past not to air your grievances.

Larry Brion is taking care of a sister site for our class at  He has pictures to view and lots of goodies on past reunions.  So please take a gander at his hard work.

You can also contact me at if you have any questions or would like me to post a story of yours.

Patricia (Brown) Ward

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Titan in the 21st Century....

What's it like to be a Titan in the 21st Century?  Hmmmmm....That's a loaded question.

Some might say....."$&^%&&$#!!!!"!  While others say......  "Great, terrific, I'm having the time of my life!"  Then there's the general, "It's okay.  I have good days and I have bad days."  I'm a glass half full kinda gal so I guess I'm between the Great and Good Days, Bad Days mentality.  

Take for instance, I got up this morning a bit stiff because it's raining.  Rainy days are my hardest because I swear I run on solar energy.  To get through them, I convince myself we need the water for the well (I'm not on city water), the plants, lakes and reservoirs.  Okay, my car can use a good washing also.

Once I get through the morning processes of getting dressed, finding my face in the bathroom drawer, feeding the dogs and making sure they potty in their litter boxes and not on the floor, I head for step two.  Find a bright room with lots of light (which is getting harder to do with the stupid energy saving bulbs which weren't designed for older eyes) and a space heater cranked up to the super sonic setting, then I pretend it's 80 outside.  

Once I'm in my summer mode comes step three, where I tackle my paperwork at home before heading off to the big building I spend my days in laboring for someone else.  I think that makes me typical and not out of the ordinary, with the exception that I just went back to work last year at the age of 58 in order to make ends meet.  I was very lucky not only to find a job, (because my husband has been looking for 2 years) but I have a job I love and people who are a pleasure to be around.

So, even though I might have a slow morning, this crusty old body is getting a workout 8 hours a day at my 'away from home' job.  On most days I come home absolutely beat.  That makes me think my dad was right when he used to say, "All the iron in your blood has turned to lead in your ass."  And I was a teen then.  LOL!

I have a second career, which is really my first career.  I own an in home embroidery business.  The economy is trying to kill that particular venture but I'm refusing to give up on it.  It's low overhead and I really need it for the creative outlet it allows.  If not, my brain would explode and probably cause the biggest shot of air pollution the world has ever seen.  So while working at the away from home job, I have ideas of a different direction to go with the embroidery business.

So being a Titan is the 21st Century is...exhausting, exciting, financially challenging and yet at times rewarding.  So chin up Titans, you can make your own 80 degree environment to help charge your internal solar batteries too.  The glass really is half full.  It's just sometimes there are unrecognizable floaties in it.  I figure eventually they'll fall to the bottom and I'll move on again.

Patricia Brown-Ward